Do you need a virtual assistant? 

virtual assistantOften as a business owner, you wish you could have someone to either look over your shoulder and help you out with projects, or step in and do those projects, so you could do other important things. We understand those needs.

While we won’t looking over your shoulder, what we do is just as helpful. Our services offer you the security of having an administrative assistant that understands your business, and can help you get the day to day work done, while you go about getting the ‘other important things’ done, to bring in the income.

Our assistance, virtual, or in your office, offers the ultimate boost to achieving your dreams.

What is a virtual assistant?

DWS Virtual Assistant is a virtual community of service providers. We offer tech support, web design, copywriting, and other administrative duties that can be provided virtually. Many of our service packages are available in discounted program packages, listed and linked below. While most of our servers are located in Colorado area and work virtually almost anywhere, we do have a few servers in other strategic areas around the country. If you don’t see a package you’d like to purchase, or need services not listed, be sure to ask our director about those. Because we may have someone on the team who provides those services as well.

Our virtual assistants are experienced, with many skills, education levels, and a wide variety of abilities designed specifically to suit your needs. Please do ask about our services, hire services, or speak with our director about how we may be able to help you put your business online for success.

How can we help you get the work done?

  • Blog Packages
  • Social Media Marketing Packages
  • Graphics Packages
  • Content Development Packages
  • Publication Packages
  • Video/Audio Packages
  • Updates & Copywriter Packages
  • Top Quality Custom Writing Services.

Blog Marketing


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