Blog Magic Package

content for blogThis incredible package offers the most for your marketing dollar, including four high-impact blog posts, targeted to your specific niche, offering qualified solutions to your marketing niche, and featuring specific blog post types created for the express purpose of driving traffic, increasing click through results, and maximizing your profit ratios conversion rates with clear and decisive calls to action within the blog posts.

You’ll get:

  • Four blog posts – with graphics, designed to offer solutions for your blog visitors.
  • 1 Feature post with up to 7 bullet points, a resource box, and call to action.
  • 5 – 7 snippets of marketing data to be used with social media.
  • 5 Twitter Snips – marketing your blog posts.
  • 1 Magic Bomb — due to the nature of this particular bomb, it will have to be determined when we take on your project, but it could be anything from a Published article referencing your business, to an Article set for Republication, to a slide show of an article we post on your blog. Whatever it is, I assure you – this piece will be something you can’t resist!

You’ll receive all of these, including specific graphic elements for your blog/website for $597.00 each month. (Minimum 3 month commitment required.)

Blog Marketing Package

blog marketingCombination Blog and Social Media Marketing Package – this one is set up for and details the process of blogging once a week, with media package marketing for inviting readers to view your blog posts. Specifically designed to drive traffic and build rapport with a well targeted niche of buying customers, this program works well for affiliate based blog income as well as business bloggers who market their businesses online.

Package features four blog posts each month, and 12 social media posts, 3 different social venues, once a week, per blog post.

  • Four 400 – 600 word blog posts with call to action.
  • 12 social media posts in 3 venues.
  • Graphic elements for each blog post.

You’ll receive these items, either posted to your blog, or sent to you for posting, for $397.00 each month. (Minimum 3 month commitment required.)

Basic Blog Package

Blogger for CashIn the early days, you’ll probably have a lot of content to add to your blog, and really just need one major, structured, article with some professional content, and suggestions for how to make your blogging program work better. This works well for either a slow start business, or a blog that’s going well, but you’d like to take one week off each month and let things rock on their own by hiring someone to write one, high-impact blog post with a few marketing tips and suggestions. That’s this program and why it works to build your blog package and grow your market.

You’ll get one 450 – 700 word blog post – like a Tower Post, or a landmark post that really sets up the rest of your blog posts for the rest of the month, and a few links on social media, plus one or more graphics included with your blog post.

This package is $147.00 for just one post, and you can purchase more each month, but we recommend a 3 month commitment of at least one basic blog package each month.

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